Outlines for Organizational Change and Development

Road map designed according to the enterprises’ needs, strategy, and policy. It sets development methods and organizational changes from management to execution and implementation

My Services

  • I aim to create value to my clients in every step while having a broad 360-degree view
  • I work closely with directorates and management specifically to create a change in the enterprises' culture
  • My methods for implementing technological innovation base on focused, short-timed and measurable processes
  • I use advanced, efficient and international models to create personal and team dialogue throughout the enterprise
  • I lead "open spaces" (round tables) that allow for open and authentic discussions
  • I perform organizational analysis and create a development plan and intervention from strategy to application
  • I outline development processes for managers and team leaders as a source of motivation, inspiration and a constructive and promoting influence

I Believe That...

  • I believe that the enterprises' environment has a vital influence on its profits. Only stable enterprises, those in which business, structure, culture, management, and technology collaborate and support strategic goals, get good business outcomes and achieve a long-lasting competitive advantage
  • I believe it is the technological-organizational advisor's responsibility to "understand" the enterprise as a whole, including is-ought on different levels - overt and hidden, values and organizational culture

Detailed Services