What business and stakeholder requirements are, why stories matter and the basics of capturing requirements.

Requirement is a high-level statement describing what is required from the business's perspective. It relates to a representation of goals, objectives and outcomes that describe why a
change has been initiated and how success will be assessed. It also provide the scope of a business need or problem that needs to be addressed through a specific activity or project

FAQ when a requirement is mapped & Analyzed :

• Can roles in the business use / learn this capability when it is done?

• Will this requirement meet a need in the long term even when the project is complete?

• Can we measure its impact and performance within the organisation?

• Will this requirement become part of a process?

• Is the business requirement short, sharp and explicit?

Business Requirements: define WHAT the business is trying to achieve (Build a home) & WHY a project should be undertaken or a solution

They define metrics that will be used to measure success.

Standard business requirements can be in regard to:

  • Communications
  • Competition
  • Customers
  • Data
  • External Factors
  • Financial
  • People
  • Process
  • Regulations/Policies
  • Reporting
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Technology

stakeholder requirement?

Stories are a way in which to start a conversation around what is required, There are several ways in which to capture stakeholder requirements but typically for companies
using an agile approach user stories are used.

• Who?

• What?

• Why?

Note: If the User Story includes a "how", it is a Functional and/or Non-function Requirements and should be categorized accordingly.

 :Ask yourself

Is the user requirement directly related to the business requirement?
Is the user supposed to add a requirement at all? If so, to what business requirement measure?Does the requirement follow the Who, What, Why principle  ?

What role do they play? Do they make decisions? Where do they fit in the RACI?

Are all stakeholders in agreement the requirements state?

  • Have the users been validated?

Quality requirements been written in a way anyone can understand what they mean:

• Ultimately business analysts will need to create or facilitate a list of requirements, all of which revolve around the future state.
• Creation of quality requirements.
• Creation of short, sharp and explicit Business Requirement

• If you don't have a specific requirements tool, a spreadsheet will assist you in managing this.
• A stakeholder requirement is a subset of a business requirement