Via becoming an Agile Organization consider the following believe (1):

"It's so easy to fall into the trap of believing that we can
understand both ourselves and the environments in which we function. This is why I'm always suspicious of anyone who tries to explain the history of anything in a neat story. The truth is, we have been sold a bill of goods by teachers and philosophers. The pig in a poke we bought without hesitation is that things are modular, made
up of pieces with clean interfaces, easily identified, easily extracted, and easily combined. Understanding these components leads to an understanding of the whole. It seems so obvious. It seems so right. But it was so wrong. It led us to take a simplistic view of change—both personal and organizational. We thought we could simply apply enough force and voila the result would appear.
If we only had enough power, we could literally move mountains. No wonder all our change efforts failed"!
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