General / Introduction:

Activities that define for organizations (usually SMB's) outline an agile organization, planning, managing and implementing business, organizational and technological changes, sharpening business needs and requirements, designing improved work processes and intelligently adopting innovation and technology

Within this framework, a roadmap is formulated for organizational leaders for the intelligent realization, management and evaluation of cross-organizational business-organizational-technological change.

Business proposal – methodology and business processes

Implementation of methodologies for the development and maintenance of information systems and infrastructure.

Improving the development and maintenance processes of systems and infrastructures in accordance with a variety of proven and accepted methodologies in the IT world.

Business proposal – business architecture – building a master plan (Blueprint) and implementation:

Formulation of a cross-organizational master plan and its implementation subject to advanced principles of project management, product management, quality management, governance and regulation.

Business Proposal – Quality Management

Integration, implementation and implementation of best practices, standards and quality.

Business Proposal – Data Management

Application of methods for business analytics, and for monitoring business performance. Institutionalization and assimilation of business and technological forecasting processes while ensuring the derivation of useful information and its accessibility to managers and decision makers.

Business proposal – decision-making processes:

Leading decision-making processes (leading ’round management tables'). Improving and perfecting the skills and abilities of organizations and managers to lead decision-making processes in an era where frequent and rapid changes occur in many relevant areas.

Alongside managers, consultants and other integration entities working in the organization, integration into decision-making processes on 'burning' issues (which cannot be postponed to the completion of the change process as a whole). Implementing a method for making decisions through a ’round management table' that enables informed decisions that are integrated into long-term work as well.

Business proposal – managing business requirements and translating them into process, computing / technological requirements

Managing business requirements / supporting cross-functional projects.

In this framework, we have implemented a method for managing and characterizing high-quality business requirements by business entities in the organization and transferring them toIT entities.

As part of supporting cross-organizational projects (such as the Digital Transformation project), implementing a process that improves and sharpens the understanding of business value for the organization (beyond technological value)

Business proposal – accompanying a cross-organizational change process

Leading the organization's transition to Enterprise Agility. In this framework, feasibility studies are carried out for the transition (with an emphasis on examining the value provided to the organization's customer), building an outline for the organization's transition to Being Agile, implementing the principles in management and work teams, and integrating into implementation and assimilation processes as needed.

Business Proposal – Business Process Management (BPM)

Leading an organizational effort to map and model enhanced business processes (BPM – Business Process Management)

In this framework, support for defining the organization's 'identity' and 'core tasks', supporting the mapping, modeling, institutionalization, implementation and monitoring of improved business processes.