Roadmap for Enterprise Leaders

Developing, completing or refreshing a road map for enterprise leaders which allows expert execution, management, and evaluation of cross-enterprise business-organizational-technological changes.

Designing and Developing a Modern Enterprise

Outlines for Organizational Change and Development​

Road map designed according to the enterprises' needs, strategy, and policy. It sets development methods and organizational changes from management to execution and implementation

Outlines for Developing and Empowering Organizational Technology​

Road map for developing innovative technology in the enterprise agility method, in an era of technological and business uncertainty​

My Services

  • Guiding the process of accustoming an enterprise to a technologically innovative environment
  • Productive integration and synchronization between the different aspects of an enterprise: strategic-business, management and technological
  • Constructively leading a technological-organizational work perception, that includes organizational and managerial entrepreneurship
  • I strive to successfully lead a dramatic change for enterprises aspiring agility - availability, changeability, and flexibility
  • I am focused on leading an organizational change in a special era - business uncertainty and technological-digital revolution

I Believe That....

  • An organizational change needs to align with the strategic and technological requirements of the enterprise
  • Empowering the human resources of the enterprise with an emphasis on joint leadership of management and employees, promoting interactions and constructive and collaborative communication, and providing independence and authority to employees and teams as part of their duties
  • A comprehensive organizational process includes a precise and extensive treatment, intense occupations analysis, roles, and authority definitions and training employees to the ever-changing business environment