About Me

Director of Business Agility, Integration of Technological Systems and Organizational Innovation at Auren Israel. I have extensive knowledge and training in industrial engineering, systems analysis, quality and project management, as well as experience in various topics of organizational research. I have led processes for improving and advancing performances in manufacturing and development, implementing methodologies for product life cycle, developing products and software, developing and matching methodologies and client management. I studied organizational development based on psychoanalytic theories, which allows me to effectively accompany management, directorates, and leaders in various positions in the new world.

Why Should You Choose Me?

For decades I have led and executed a technological-organizational work perception, it’s main elements are:

Technological Entrepreneurship

Will lead an enterprise to have competitive advantages

Organizational and Managerial Entrepreneurship

Will lead an enterprise to success in a constructive way

Leader, do your supervisors report personal and team struggles incorporating new technology?
It’s greatly important to incorporate and implement innovative technology in the enterprise – this is the future. Nonetheless, the people in your enterprise are your most valuable resource!
As part of your duties, the executives reach out to you daily with their and their employees’ managerial dilemmas. They are trying to understand how to conduct more effectively – motivating, connecting and balanced in a culture of deadlines, changes, stress, and weariness, and while dealing with innovative technology.
Your job is to assist them, I’m here to assist you!
The services I provide will help the executives in your enterprise:
  • Predict changes, translation for strategic-business purposes, empowering managers and teams and improving decision-making processes
  • Draw an outline and conceptual architectural framework for the new IT array in the organization
  • Produce an exceptional inter-personal communication, synergic teamwork and a collaborative, supporting, and encouraging business atmosphere
  • Incorporate and implement the technology in your organization in a sensible, professional and efficient manner
  • Motivate the employees to do more than they are expecting of themselves and producing purpose and collective accomplishments
  • Identify, understand, consolidate and motivate the enterprise's values and translate them to a way of behavior - in the level of organizational discourse and the actual level of action
  • Cope with a result-oriented culture of constant changes in an era of technological innovation
  • Assist you, as a chief executive, in dealing with your challenging duty - shrinking the loneliness, finding help with experts, both technological and organizational, and a partnership under an appropriate "psychological contract."

My Services

Designing and Developing a Modern Enterprise

Outlines for Organizational Change and Development

  • Leading company efforts to map and model improved business processes (BPM - Business Process Management)
  • Leading a transition to enterprise agility
  • Managing business requirements / supporting cross-organizational projects
  • Leading decision-making processes (directing 'managerial round tables')

Outlines for Developing and Empowering Organizational Technology

  • Implementing methods for business analysis and business performance monitoring
  • Implementing best practices, standards, and quality
  • Implementing methodologies for the development and maintenance of information systems and infrastructures
  • Forming business architecture / supporting cross-organizational projects



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